L33 Sólo Jirky Šindlera na Rané 2009


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  1. 1 Richard S.

    WONDERFUL! What a great shot! I cannot believe that this was taken at 1/400 I have a difficult time getting motion blur at those speeds… Thanks for sharing!

    Richard who has been following your advice too closely… last week D90, this week, looking for f2.8 70-200…. wife= :|


  2. 2 PiNa

    Hi Richard, nice to see you here and thank you for your very nice comment. What you see in the background of this still is not a motion blur but “only” a DOF blur. You will find ok motion blur here or here (F5B ZOOM was still sliding when I took that pic). For the best “pictures in motion” it is highly recommended to use the shutter speed of 1/40-1/60s only with panning. But it requires lot of practice to get good looking results ;-)

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