Alphaville - Catching Rays on Giant - 2010

Tak tohle jsem opravdu nečekal. Alphaville jsou po 13 letech zpět se zbrusu novým studiovým albem Catching Rays on Giant a stále mají co říct. Zatímco úvodní singl I Die For You Today mi moc nesedí, track Call me je úplně o něčem jiném. Chytlavý, nadupaný a kupodivu s dobrým textem. Tohle můžu ;-)

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    Call Me

    You know I’ve never been in love, just read some books about it
    You know I’ve never been with you before
    But we can meet each other soon to taste a moment lost in life
    The touch of fading memories
    So if you want me in your life I swear I won’t forsake you
    And play this tune to all the fools who fly where angels fear to tread

    Just call me and I’ll make it, I’ll fill the black holes in your heart
    Just call before you break it
    Just call me and I’ll make it, I’ve been around right from the start
    Just call me and I’ll take it to keep it save …

    I know you better than myself, I’ve been around for so long
    Your posters hanging on my wall – untouched
    And all these bitches in your life, they made me sick and tired
    I locked them up inside my mind, so deep
    And now the time has come for you and me to keep our promise
    This is your lucky day, the hunter’s captured by the game at last

    Just call before we break it and fill the black holes in my heart
    Just call and I will take it
    Just call me & we’ll make it, you should’ve known we’ll never part
    Just call and don’t forsake it, we’ll never part

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